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EarthColors® by Archroma: less waste, more style

From now on, we’re using EarthColors® by Archroma in our collections. These are colours that come from nature, which means that we don’t have to consume as much resources. The textile dyes are sourced from non-edible waste from the agricultural or plant industry. These include, for example, leaves, fruit skins or nutshells. At the same time, the full traceability of the EarthColors® process reduces the consumption of water and energy. The fact that industrial waste is not disposed of, but rather processed for further use, contributes to the recycling economy. That’s good for the environment and also results in fantastic-looking garments. Every piece is unique - like you!


Better denim

It’s no secret that we love denim. That’s why we strive to make our denim range even better with every new pair of jeans we produce. For us, this means making our denim more sustainable. To do this, we use more organic cotton, more recycled fibres and consume less water, energy and chemicals during the manufacturing process.

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Vegan & certified by PeTA

More vegan alternatives? You asked, we listened! More and more of our customers are choosing to live a vegan lifestyle, which means they want completely animal-free products – not only in their diets but also when it comes to their fashion choices. That’s why we are constantly expanding our range of accessories with vegan alternatives that are certified by PeTA. 

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We make no compromises when it comes to the well-being of animals!

We also use materials of animal origin for our products. To ensure that you get the most out of ultra-soft cashmere or high-quality leather, it is our top priority to see to it that all of the animals in our value chain are treated with respect and in accordance with the five freedoms stipulated by the Farm Animal Welfare Council. We fully avoid the use of any furs or various types of wool that entails the mistreatment of animals unless we are assured that these implement decent standards and a higher level of tranparency. 

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Where does sustainability start for Esprit? It starts with our employees.

Everyone is talking about sustainability and many people want to make a difference. However, not everyone knows where to start when it comes to introducing sustainability into their daily lives. We think the best way forward is to learn from each other. That’s why we have put up a “Green Wall” in our headquarters in Ratingen. Here, every Esprit employee can write tips, tricks and general information about the things they do in their daily lives to live more sustainably. By doing this, we can inspire each other to start off with simple things and gradually work towards living a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.


Green delivery – we’re making our shipping carbon neutral

We don’t just want to offer you sustainable products, we also want to ensure that your favourite styles are sent to you in the most environmentally friendly way possible. That’s why we operate our own warehouses in Europe and Asia. This allows us to keep shipping distances relatively short, even as an international company. In addition, everything that comes from our stock is sent in a climate-neutral way. What does that mean? The emissions produced while our products are on the way to you are offset through other methods, such as environmental projects and reforestation projects.


Cradle to Cradle

We have recently introduced Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold as our product standard. Products with this certification are produced using only materials that pose no risk to human health and the environment, wherever possible. The criteria for this certification include the responsible use of chemicals and resources such as water and energy, minimal waste and, of course, good social conditions for everyone involved in the manufacture of our products.

Our aim for 2021: 50% of our denim is certified with the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold product standard.


Goodbye plastics!

Esprit is a plastic bottle-free zone. There’s still plenty to drink, of course, but all of our employees have been given their own lovely glass bottle. These can be re-filled again and again at our many water stations.


Do you already wash sustainably?

Don’t throw it away in no time, wash it properly! To ensure that you can enjoy your favourite items from us for as long as possible, we’ve compiled a list of dos & don’ts when it comes to looking after your clothes. We will provide a step-by-step explanation of how to wash, dry and iron clothes in a more sustainable way. Because little things like washing on a low temperature help to reduce energy consumption, which benefits the environment. 




The green search engine 

We’ve switched over – to more trees and no CO2. In our headquarters in Ratingen, Esprit employees now search the web using the Ecosia Browser. This free, green search engine uses its profits to fund reforestation projects. Over 85 million trees have already been planted. And since we all use search engines every day, why not choose one that helps to plant trees? 



Bon appetit in the green canteen 

We’re also making sustainable decisions in our canteen. We’re making organic vegetables, fruit, dairy products and meat a priority. And we want to continue to offer more and more organic foods: Over the next few years, we are aiming for between 90% – 100% of the food we offer to be organic. Our committment to sustainability is also demonstrated by the zero-waste concept that we employ as part of our menu planning. We don’t throw leftovers away, instead we incorporate them into the menu for the next day.


Our goal: to use as little paper as possible 

It’s just a piece of paper? But is it really? When around 6,500 employees around the world have their payslip sent to their home in the post every month, then it’s not just one piece of paper. We always try to keep an eye on the bigger picture – and that’s why we have opted for a completely paperless, digital version. This saves lots and lots of paper and CO2 every month. 

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