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Women's denim jackets by Esprit

Denim jackets have managed to do what few other outfits can: for decades they've remained a fixture in our wardrobes, laid back and nonchalant. Regardless of whether it's a traditional short denim jacket with an eye-catching wash, coloured denim or waisted with zips – we all love the variety and individual touch of this well worn classic. Grow old gracefully? Not denim jackets. They easily keep pace with different outfits and modern trends whilst remaining just what they are: an absolute must-have component of our own personal style.

Traditional material in trendy styles: denim jackets for women

On the spur of the moment you've decided to take a week's annual leave. But instead of booking a holiday at short notice you're planning to spend the week at home to relax and to get to know your familiar home town from a different side. The week starts off with a bit of sport. On Monday morning you set off for the public baths dressed casually in Chinos, a V-necked jumper of soft jersey wool and a feminine stretchy denim jacket. You swim a few lengths in the almost empty, brightly lit pool, relax for a long time in the sauna and then treat yourself to your first massage in a long while. Back on an even keel and feeling like you've been born again you meet up with a friend after a quick lunch to explore the city museum together for the first time. A real tourist attraction – and an unexpectedly exciting afternoon for the pair of you.

On Tuesday a good friend has promised to show you round the best bric-a-brac shops and antique dealers in town. You meet up with him in the late afternoon suitably dressed for the occasion in a knitted dress, high-leg leather boots and a vintage-look denim jacket. You spend the rest of the day looking around the whole town and discover a huge amount of beautiful objects and curiosities from every country and era. Later that evening you sit together in a street café, marvel at the four smart art nouveau glasses you found and are pleased about the many new impressions. Wednesday is reserved for the family. No new experiences but always lovely and relaxing. As you walk into your parents' house comfortably styled in a pair of black slim-fit jeans, a stretch blouse and a biker-look denim jacket, you're met by all the familiar smells and images. You sit for a long time over lunch chatting and recounting the latest stories so that it's already late afternoon by the time you set off with your dad for a walk in the nearby woods. Walking along the narrow, well-known forest paths you collect mushrooms and relive your childhood. Late in the afternoon it's time to leave. Your sister, who missed lunch, makes up for it by meeting up with you at a trendy Italian wine bar not far from your place. An A-line skirt and a plain top under a slim-fit denim blazer make up the perfect outfit for the little individualistic but elegant bar. You sit chatting together for ages in the relaxed atmosphere.

Feminine, robust but always with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi

The next day is completely booked out for a shopping trip with your best friend. Dressed in feminine skinny jeans and narrow moccasins, a long top and a short, waisted, used-look denim jacket you're ready for long rambles through the town. On the lookout for new things you pop in to a little side street and look around shops that you've never been to, before you head back home together loaded down with your new purchases and a bulging bag of Thai food. On the Friday you leave the house in a great mood: it's time to share a bit of the holiday mood with your favourite work colleague. Swiftly and comfortably you style yourself with black leggings, booties and a plain tunic blouse under a coloured denim jacket, before you drop into the office to surprise your colleague with croissants and a large latte macchiato. You sit together over an early lunch nattering about the past week. Even if your holiday was actually much too short – you'll be drawing on all the new ideas and experiences for a long time yet.

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