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Long sleeves from Esprit

Long sleeved men's shirts are much more than just comfortable to wear; they are multi-faceted basics that are just as suitable for a relaxed day at home, a game of football in the park or the everyday office routine. A plain long-sleeved shirt with a pair of casual Chinos or a long-sleeved polo shirt under a dark blazer – the long-sleeved variety of the traditional men's shirts is extremely mutable also in terms of materials and styles. Collar or button facing, neck band or hood; anything goes – the perfect thing for manly casual styles.

Long sleeves – loads of styles, combine any way you like

After months of planning you're finally moving house today – with kit and caboodle you're off to a new city. It's a matter of honour that a few goods friends have offered you their help. Early that morning you're sitting on your packed crates in your almost empty flat in a cotton long-sleeved top and vintage-look jeans waiting for the removal van with your best friend and a work colleague. Over a large coffee you think about how you could best load up the lorry. When you finally hear a long drawn out beep from the street below the three of you jump to your feet at the same time – the rental truck is there. Now you can get started: without much ceremony you and your colleague grab the old leather sofa while your friend gets ready to carry the side walls of the clothes wardrobe downstairs. Just as you carry the first load out through the front door your other friend who's brought the van opens the back doors from the inside. Grinning broadly he starts rolling up the sleeves of his Henley shirt.

Over the next few hours you're flat out emptying the flat and packing. Your work colleague who has volunteered to carry the bookshelves to the truck comes up the stairs to the third for the fourth time and spontaneously swaps his long-sleeved layer shirt for one of your cotton T-shirts – luckily the bags of clothes haven't yet been stowed in the van. With teamwork and a lot of fun everything goes like clockwork so that you're ready to set off by lunchtime. But before you do hit the road you'll need a small snack. Your best friend wipes the dust of his striped jersey wool long-sleeve top and heads off to pick up the pizzas you've ordered. You sit down in your now empty flat for the last time ever, eat pizza and think about the many occasions and memories that are associated with the various rooms. Enough sentimentality! The pizza boxes are empty and it's time to get going. You thank your colleague and you and your two mates get in the truck. You've got a two hour drive ahead of you. No sooner have you started the engine than your friend puts his favourite mixed CD on and you set off along the motorway with a strange feeling of familiarity and anticipation.

Comfort with a dash of style – long-sleeved shirts for men

In the late afternoon sunshine you finally turn into the tree-lined side street where your new flat is. You park the truck outside the front door and immediately start unloading it. Boxes and dismantled furniture, your favourite chair and bags of clothes and shoes – you quickly carry everything up to the second floor and plonk it down in roughly the right position in the right rooms. As one of your mates takes a shower you and your other friend assemble the bed and the clothes wardrobe. Quickly and with a minimum of fuss you grab a few clean clothes from your bags and hand them to your friends so that you can all pay a quick visit to one of the little bars in the neighbourhood. One of them gets a V-neck long-sleeved top and the other is wearing a long-sleeve polo shirt with a smart button facing. In a great mood and full of new energy you set off and soon stumble across a nice little pub where you sit down to drink to a successful day. As you finally drop into bed later that evening you're glad to have such good friends – and you're looking forward to whatever lies ahead.

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