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Our autumn/winter collection 2021 is all about freedom and new perspectives. For relaxation and a positive view of the future. Full of hope. Full of joy. Full of positivity. Look up and see the clouds in the sky. Our environment matters. A life in harmony with nature paired with a positive lifestyle has been part of our DNA since our founding in California in 1968.

It all began as a love story between two idealists, our founders Susie and Doug. They were actually the original and true pioneers of responsible and sustainable fashion, long before it became the trend. We see this as a given, so it’s not something we have talked a lot about in the past. Quite simply, sustainability has always been a priority for us.

Versatile styles, sustainable materials and the softest premium wool paired with good vibes. High-quality and multifunctional. Designed responsibly and sustainably produced. Styles to feel and look good in.

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Explore. Wander. Wonder. We want to marvel at the world once again and make discoveries. Our collection revolves around get-up-and-go and thirst for adventure.

Versatile, sustainable styles paired with great hopes. We can scarcely wait to discover new things.

It’s an attitude. It’s a feeling.
It’s a sense of wonder.

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I’m sure you know what we mean? We determine tomorrow’s future today. Let’s make it a cloudless one!