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Women’s coats – strolling through autumn and winter

Women’s coats are faithful companions during the colder seasons. Whether cashmere or wool, the modern Esprit coat will keep you cosy and warm throughout the winter.

Women’s coats – an overview

Autumn and winter are creeping up on us, and Esprit’s women’s coats will get you through the colder seasons in style and warm as well. There are so many types to choose from – classic monotone, a fun checked pattern, or for a real fashion statement try a bold colour. Here’s an overview of our best-selling women’s coats:

  • Quilted women’s coats
  • Woollen women’s coats
  • Blazer women’s coats
  • Short women’s coats
  • Hooded women’s coats

Women’s coats are the latest trend. They don’t only upgrade your look; they also keep you warm and cosy. The coats from our online shop can be yours in no time thanks to our quick and carbon-neutral shipping.

How do you find the perfect women’s coat?

Do you enjoy strolling through the winter months, always looking your best? Esprit has high-quality wool and quilted coats that will keep you warm and happy for several winters to come. Durability and quality are our number one priority.

We have over 50 years of experience making sustainable and fair fashion out of organic cotton and recyclable fabrics – and at low prices. We have something for all budgets. Let us help you pick out a women’s coat from our online shop.

Quilted women’s coats – warm and cosy

A warm quilted coat is exactly what you want when it’s snowing or raining outside. The fluffy filling made out of synthetic fibres will keep you incredibly warm and safe from the cold breezes. Our hooded quilted coats, either with faux fur or a stand-up collar, protect the head and neck area from unpleasant draughts.

The extra-long winter coat for women is number one on the wish list when temperatures drop. The knee-length cut is optimal for cosy cardigans  – just what you want when it’s cold outside.

The coats’ unique 3M®Thinsulate padding stores the warmth inside and releases moisture at the same time. The oversized cut allows for extra comfort and combined with a matching scarf, hat, gloves or smart shoes you can brave through the colder seasons in style in your quilted Esprit coat.

Wool Coats – classic and smart

A woollen coat is an absolute classic piece that will never fall out of fashion.  Women’s wool coats fit every occasion: if you’re on your way to work, then wear your women’s wool coat over your suit.

A wool blend with cashmere adds an elegant touch to your jacket. Just combine it with a soft scarf and a handbag in your favourite colour, and you’ll make a positive impression when walking into the office.

If you prefer it sportier, then look no further, the short coat in an A-line cut is the one you’re looking for. Short coats are ideal for shorter women. If you want to add more femininity, then a tailored wool coat with a belt will flatter your curves.

The open spade collar over a jumper adds to the classic look of a wool coat. The stand-up collar not only looks smart, but it adds that extra warmth in stormy weather. Long woollen women’s coats are excellent for special occasions in the winter season – you shouldn’t have to freeze when wearing an elegant dress and tights.

The Blazer Coat – modern, classic, elegant

Whether you’re walking through the city or appreciating the colourful leaves on a romantic walk through the park, you cannot go wrong with a blazer coat.

A relaxed lapel collar, cosy wool and a feminine cut – the blazer coat is the absolute must-have for autumn and winter. Combine it with a nice pair of trousers and boots or classi jeans and sneakers – add a simple turtleneck jumper underneath and you have a look for any day of the week.

How do you care for your coat correctly?

When caring for your women’s coat, you have to pay attention to the material. Coats made out of cotton can be washed in the washing machine, but a woollen coat should never go near a washing machine. It’s usually enough to air it out overnight. Spots can be treated with water and a small amount of detergent.

Quilted coats can be washed at 30–40 C° and spun gently. Just remember to put it in the dryer as soon as it’s finished to prevent the filling from sticking together.

 To ensure that you enjoy your winter jacket for a long time, you should hang your coat in the closet during the warmer seasons.  Ideally, you should hang it on a wide coat hanger to prevent any creases. A garment bag will prevent dust from accumulating.  You’ll be pleased with yourself the next winter season when you pull out your stylish Esprit women’s coat.

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