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Order in your wardrobe

According to studies, we only wear 20% of the clothes we own! Regularly tidying out your wardrobe helps to give you an idea about which items of clothing you haven’t worn for a long time. Give yourself time to sort through your items. After all, this process is most effective when you completely clear out your wardrobe once and look at each item individually. Plus, giving the wardrobe a quick wipe down couldn’t hurt, right? Then start by putting your absolute favourite items into your wardrobe at eye level. Don’t pile the clothes too high and place items that are worn less frequently towards the back. A good overview can help you quickly find the right outfit tomorrow. If possible, box up any off-season clothes and store them elsewhere – because who needs winter coats in summer?

Tip: Position all hangers with the opening facing in one direction. Whenever you wear an item, turn the hanger the other way and leave it like that. What do you do with the clothes on hangers that haven’t been turned after 6 months? You haven’t worn these clothes once in half a year – this will definitely help you make some decisions during your next big clear out.


It’s all in the storage

To ensure that your clothes retain their shape, you need to store them correctly. But of course to do this, you need to know how to store them correctly. As a simple rule of thumb: Wool is best folded, while it’s best to hang all other materials on a coat hanger. 
Because wool is relatively heavy and unstable, knitted jumpers tend to stretch out on a hanger and develop unsightly bumps over time. In contrast, lightweight dresses and dainty blouses quickly become creased when you don’t hang them on a hanger. 



We have good news! Caring for your linen styles properly is easier than you think. This strong natural fibre feels quite coarse to begin with, but gets softer with every wash. When washing, keep the following in mind:

The best option is to use a mild detergent without added bleach & and select a low-temperature washing cycle that protects your clothes. Briefly spin dry at a low spin speed and hang up when the fabric is still slightly damp, because linen needs residual moisture when drying. If the fabric has been pulled out of shape slightly, you can easily restore the shape by ironing. But keep in mind that the item should still be slightly damp when you do this.


You vs. moths

How can you protect your wardrobe against the attack of the moths? We recommend one or two small bags of lavender that you can place between your garments or simply hang up in your wardrobe. Moths really do not like the smell – so this protects your favourite clothes from those familiar small holes. 


How to keep your leather accessories in shape

When it comes to bags and shoes made of high-quality leather, you want them to last a long time. That’s why impregnation is a fundamental part of the care routine for all leather items. Nevertheless, leather accessories quickly lose their shape with frequent use. To prevent this, you should always hang your bags up properly and use shoe trees. You should also stuff bags with paper and ideally store them in a cloth bag. That’s how to keep your favourite items in tip-top shape for longer.


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