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You need to use the right setting on your wash machine

When using a wash machine is your only option, we recommend you wash at a very low temperature and that you only wash large loads. That way, you’ll waste less energy (and save on energy costs) Pre-washing your garments by hand is also a great way to treat smaller stains.

Your wash machine has an Eco setting? Great! Use it! It may mean a longer wash cycle, but you’ll save significantly more energy and help the environment. You also still always have the option of washing at a low-temperature setting. And if you want to do something good for the environment, avoid using an electric dryer. These are real energy guzzlers. Can’t do without a dryer? Then we recommend you wash your laundry at a spinning speed of 1600 That way you’ll extract more water out of your clothing and in turn save energy when drying in an electric dryer.


Microplastic? No thank you!

Not only washing detergents, but also your clothing leaves behind residue that ends up in the ground water, as microfibre fabrics release tiny microscopic microfibres during washing. To ensure that microplatic doesn’t get released into the environment, we recommend you use special wash bags made of an extremely fine-pored material, which functions as a filter.



Dark jeans always release dye the first time they are worn & washed. Therefore, you should not let them come into contact with light-coloured styles
To retain the colour as much as possible, turn your favourite items inside out before washing them.
Our tip: Instead of washing your jeans in the washing machine, you can simply put them in the freezer for 24 hours – this won’t remove any stains of course, but it will leave your jeans smelling fresh. 



Use the right detergent

In general: Powder and tablets are less harmful to the environment than liquid detergents. This is because liquid detergents contain more surfactants and place a greater strain on wastewater treatment plants. The ideal detergents are those that, do not contain colouring agents or additional preservatives, effectively wash your clothes even at low temperatures and are sold in recyclable or already recycled packaging. You should also always use detergents sparingly: a small amount is enough. 


Please don’t wash too often!

Sad but true: The quickest way to reduce the “shelf life” of your clothes is to wash them too often. Many fabrics don’t cope well at all with frequent washing. A much more gentle approach is to air your clothes out every time after wearing them – this is usually enough to eliminate the need for a wash cycle. You should also wash at low temperatures as often as possible, as this is much better for synthetic fibres and wool. 

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