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Enjoy the energy of summer and let it carry you away. Nature is in full bloom, the sun is recharging your batteries and strong colors give you new momentum. Be inspired by our new collection and look forward to carefree summer moments full of laughter, cheerfulness and love

Every summer needs that one perfect top. You know how it is – the comfiest, softest organic cotton, a casual fit that looks good with anything and a color that makes you shine. And best of all: We have of collection of tops just like this available right now.

Nothing goes better with the blue summer sky than our lightweight jeans. Our fits and washes aren’t just trendy, they are also an important statement about sustainability.

Stylish but still simple. Thanks to their relaxed urban vibe and clear lines, our new arrivals are perfect for enjoying the first days of summer without a care in the world.


We have lots in the pipeline for summer 2022. A new campaign. Contemporary. Positive. Brave. Bold images, produced in the Esprit studio, perfectly capture the spirit of summer. Take an exclusive look behind the scenes here.