Come with us and find your sweet escape from the hectic rush of everyday life. Relaxing breaks are important. After all, trying to find more balance between family, friends, work, current affairs and world news can sometimes just get a bit much, can’t it?

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Our new fall/winter collection is food for the soul. It invites you to simply be present in the moment. To rediscover your senses. To make it clear to you what it really means to see, to hear, to smell and to touch. Real emptions and real connections. Our new fall collection brings color and happiness into your sweet escape with soft textures and iconic images.

Take a step back.
Take time out for yourself or your loved ones.
Use your phone to take a photo of your friends, to capture a moment of fun - but maybe leave the endless scrolling and counting of likes until later.
Spend lots more time outside. Spend time simply breathing and dreaming. Do something new, stand still or dance.

What´s your sweet escape?


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