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Women’s quilted jackets: a pleasant companion on cold days

Are you looking for a jacket that will keep you warm in the autumn as well as during the winter? Women’s quilted jackets are the perfect solution. Lightweight, classic, easy to combine and they don’t restrict your movement. This classic jacket from Esprit is your companion on cold days. [Jump to main text]

Stylish through the season – with a quilted women’s jacket

Quilted jackets are an absolute fashion standard. They are essential to a well-stocked wardrobe. We especially love the delicately quilted patterns. From the fine seams to the padded look, either as a jacket, a coat or vest – you’re sure to find the right quilted women’s jacket that suits your style at Esprit.

Performance & style go hand in hand

What’s the first thing you think of when you think about a quilted women’s jacket? It’s that cosy and warm feeling on a cold day, maybe having your hands in your pockets and an overall feeling of comfort. 3M® Thinsulate® technology is responsible for the warmth that you feel in our women’s jackets.

The lining is made up of high-quality synthetic fibres. On the one hand, they help store the warmth, and on the other hand, they allow moisture to evaporate. The fabric is incredibly lightweight, making quilted women’s jackets that have this lining effortless to wear. 

Stylish design, outstanding workmanship, great quality and functionality as well as low prices – we know what women are looking for.

The outer fabric of our women’s quilted jackets protects you from the wind, and the polyester is manufactured in such a way that it is resistant to the elements. Even when it’s freezing outside, you don’t have to worry, you’ll still stay warm and cosy in your quilted women’s jacket.  

Designs that fit your style

The first thing you’ll notice about your women’s jacket is the colour, then the design, although it’s just as important if not more important. After all, you want to feel comfortable; so your quilted jacket is going to be a staple in your closet. That’s why we’re offering you several different models with varying styles for every figure:

  • oversized fit
  • straight fit
  • slim fit 

The slim fit gives you a slight hourglass form and really flatters your curves. If you’re looking to hide a little bit of belly, then the oversized jacket can help. Or maybe you just want to snuggle up in the oversized jacket and forget all of your stressful day.

An oversized quilted jacket looks best when it’s the focal point of your entire outfit. You can’t go wrong by combining an oversized women’s jacket with a modest, fitted sweater.

If you want to express your determination and self-confidence, then you can combine a straight cut quilted women’s jacket with skinny jeans or leggings together with a top with an interesting neckline. This looks especially good if you have a larger bust.

The perfect shoes to go together with your women’s jacket can be found in our online shop.

Autumn and winter: time for a women’s quilted jacket

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to fall, the quilted jacket begins to peak out from the closet. The all-rounder promises warmth and style at the same time. In the warmer months, you can wear your favourite jacket open and unzipped. Once it gets colder and the first snow falls then you can zip it up and be sure that you’re perfectly styled in your quilted jacket.

Great outfits for any occasion

You’ve asked yourself, “do quilted women’s jackets go well with dresses?” Let us show you how well! Combine your new favourite jacket with a relaxed sweatshirt dress. Add playful booties to give your outfit that extra kick. There are other stylish combinations for quilted vests and women’s jackets – play around.

Are you the athletic type?

Slip into your jogging clothes, running shoes and let’s go. When it gets colder the quilted vest is your best friend. It’s breathable and warm at the same time. The sleeveless cut allows you maximum freedom of movement when playing sports. After work you change into your gym clothes and quilted women’s jacket, it’ll get you warm even before your warm-up.

Find the young girl in you with a miniskirt and a quilted women’s jacket

Wearing this combination may just bring back the 60’s: Straight boots and miniskirts are making a comeback, and we have several soft shades to choose from. A beige miniskirt would look great with a women’s jacket in a darker colour.

The basic women’s outfit for every day

Are you looking for a casual look for the office or your home? Black jeans and black striped sweaters are a great choice. Our bold coloured women’s jackets are begging to be worn with this outfit. To round off this relaxed look, wear a pair of sneakers.

Esprit, women’s fashion and quilted jackets – a great team

Trends come and go; some styles are loved for a certain time, and then they disappear soon after that. We’ve gained over 5 decades of taste, style awareness and experience and you can see that in our designs, the longevity of our products and the responsibility we take on – for you and our planet, which we love.

You can find our high-quality products in over 40 countries worldwide, and we can deliver your new favourite clothes to any of these countries. We value our Earth, and ecological and social aspects are fundamental for us. This is why we produce responsibly and sustainably.

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