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Women's swimwear: Finding the right swimsuit or bikini for your body type

Does the idea of shopping for swimsuits make you anxious? Finding a well fitting bikini from a multitude of choices can be a real chore. Swimwear trends: bikini or swimsuit? No one wants to try to fit into something that is not designed for their figure. Relax, because you are not alone! Our experts are here to help. Use our swimwear guide to see which bikinis suit which figures?

Choosing women’s swimwear by figure

Before you start shopping for a swimsuit or bikini, you need to understand your individual shape. Each body is different (wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same?) and there is a swimming costume for every one of them. You just need to find it! Start by assessing your physique, choose your favourite feature and pick a bikini style that flaunts it. Take a look at each figure type below, and our tips on how to dress when heading to the beach then head on over to the online store when you've found the one for you. Take the test: Are you a swimsuit or bikini type?

Athletic and fit bodies

An athletic body is compact and lean, with toned muscles. With such a figure, you don't want to miss the opportunity to showcase your well sculpted curves. You can easily achieve this by wearing a women's bikini with a cupped or padded top to enhance your femininity, and to protect your top half when windsurfing or bodyboarding. The high quality of our products will ensure your bikini won't wear out even during extreme sports. Also, brightly coloured swimsuits and prints can flatter your athletic shape. Avoid boy-cut briefs, bandeaus tops, and shapeless beach clothing. Check out the online store for sweatshirts you can throw on as you get your board from the car to the beach.

Swimwear for mum tum

If your belly is an issue for your beach confidence (and whose isn't), look for comfortable swimwear that gives ample coverage around your midsection. Choose a piece that accentuates your other features, like your bust or legs. Consider tummy trimming swimsuits that pull the stomach in, they can make a huge difference to the mum tum! Panel designs or ruching on the sides can give the illusion of a slimmer waist. Avoid bikinis with low-rise bottoms, these are generally unflattering for anyone without the perfect supermodel bod!

For mums to be, we know it can be intimidating when your body is changing and you'd much rather stay in your bathrobe. Our range of maternity swimwear and peplums are super cute and very flattering. Comfort is key, so make sure they are not too tight around the belly. Tankinis are another great choice for protruding bellies. They give enough room as well as easy access when you go to the bathroom.

Swim outfit for the busty type

Anyone blessed with a bigger bust knows it can be embarrassing, and all too easy, to have a wardrobe misfunction when sunbathing or getting out of the sea. To save the day, look for thicker straps, bigger cup sizes, tops with underwire. A v-neck swimsuit is a naturally flattering design for a big bust, and looks stylish and classic. Halter necks are also an uber-feminine and sexy swimwear option, just make sure the straps are supportive enough. Avoid thin straps at all costs, this will hurt your back and shoulders. The solid craftsmanship of our products help you feel supported and comfortable whether you're relaxing at the beach or having a swim.

How to dress with flat chest

For smaller busts on the beach, two options are available. If you want to enhance your small bust, a push up bikini can help to enhance your curves to create a more of an hourglass silhouette. Opt for women's swimsuits with padding to give you a little boost. To create an illusion of a bigger bust, look for bikini models featuring playful ruffles and horizontal lines. Or, if you want to own your delicate frame, go for solid colours and triangle tops! Check out our online store for sunglasses to complete your look.

Highlight wider shoulders

Some of the most iconic supermodels have beautiful, broad shoulders, and fashionable bikini tops can enhance or balance out the whole body. Want to create an hourglass shape from a boxy upper body? Rock an asymmetrical neckline, printed panels on the sides, or solid colours. Halter neck bikinis and bandeau tops can also look really classic and stylish on broader shoulders.

Swimming costumes for plus size figures

A plus-size body can look fantastic in the right swimwear. Bright colours can be really eye-catching, and prints extending from the chest to the hiparea can disguise from any lumps or bumps. Low-backed swimming costumes can look really flattering and be super comfortable, and give plus-sized ladies a feminine seaside look that's stylish as every other swimsuit. Don't forget you can customise your look with beach fashion accessories available in our online store.

Apple shaped body type

High-rise bottoms always work a treat for those with a little extra pudge around the hips, yet ac-centuates a slim waist. Just make sure that the bikini bottoms extend above the belly button, and you've got a stylish, flattering look. A ladies bikini top with thicker straps conceals any backchub, and can look flattering on a smaller bust!

Outfit for flat butt

Frills and other embellishments work magic when you want to give an illusion of a fuller butt. Loud prints and bright colours are good choices too. Get a set of shorts with belts and avoid tie-side bottoms. You could also accentuate the upper body with padded cups or a push up bra.

Swimwear for a petite body shape

The secret to making you look taller is lifting your bust line and adding some length. To do this, choose low-rise underpants and halter straps to draw attention to the shoulders and neckline. To elongate your legs, opt for high-cut swimsuits or a thong for maximum lengthening. Asymmetrical swimsuits are ideal for adding height and making the body look leaner. But you should avoid strapless tops and two-piece bikinis. Bathing shorts for women that fall slightly above the knee can lengthen your legs too.

Bikinis for tall women

For a long torso, tankini tops, bandeaus and bikinis work well. If you find a full swimsuit that really takes your fancy, try to find a design that will break up your body e.g. a double-toned suit with bright hues. Also, aim at making your waist look smaller. High-cut legs, horizontal stripes, and v-necks are also flattering.

Tips: How to care for your Esprit swimsuit

To keep your swimwear in top shape follow these easy step:

  • Wash your swimwear after every use
  • Hand wash your suit to avoid misshapen cups or stretching
  • Don’t soak your swimwear overnight
  • Allow the suit to dry naturally, away from any heat source or direct sunlight. Do not tumbledry
  • Avoid sitting by the side of the pool or on rough surfaces
  • Check the clevercare label on your clothing for more information on sustainable textile care

Swimsuit or Bikini, or something else? Shop at Esprit, where you'll find the perfect piece

Embrace your figure type with a style of swimwear that suits you. Whether you have a huge bust, big hips, vivid curves, or slender body, our range of swimsuits can be worn year in and year out. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, designing longlasting women's swimsuits with high quality fabrics and responsible production, we guarantee top notch products from bottoms to tops, at reasonable prices. No matter your body shape, taste or budget, we are here to make you feel confident by the pool. With worldwide trade in more than 40 countries and fast climate neutral shipping, head to the Esprit online store and order yours today. Because with Esprit every body is a bikini body!

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