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Blouses for Women – stylish outfit combinations

Blouses are available in countless variations: as tunic, tie-neck blouse, shirt blouse, chiffon-blouse or blouse top. Airy silk during summer, flannel for autumn and winter. They are an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Always current and timeless. Esprit women's blouses follow every trend.

Women's blouses: figure flattering and all round talent

Figure flattering and suited to all life situations. Blouses or tunics are must-haves for every woman. Classic, elegant, sporty or summery. Esprit shows you which blouses are suited to which occasion.

Tunic – a cut that excites everyone

Due to its form, the tunic has become an integral part of our wardrobe. In captivatingly beautiful patterns and light fabrics Esprit's long tops are flattering to every figure. Especially popular with figure types O and A (thin arms and legs or sturdy hips). An indispensable combination is the tunic with leggings and adorable sandals - perfect for your holiday in summery climes.

Blouse encyclopedia: from boxy blouse to frilly blouse

The women's blouse is merely a generic term for numerous types: Be it a wide-cut tunic without button placket, a summery wrap-around blouse, an airy blouse top, square-shaped boxy top, that sits loosely on the body and is cool in the summer or a classic shirt blouse.

Blouse tops – flowing fabric and short sleeves

Blouse tops are the best that fashion has to offer in the summer. Light fabrics without sleeves are made for high temperatures and can be worn not only during leisure time, but also in the Office. Esprit's blouse shirts fit perfectly with denim skirts and with colour-coordinated chinos. Whether playful prints with flowers or classic monochrome blouses, our current collection offers a wide selection.

Shirt blouses by Esprit – the classic piece

Shirt blouses in cool denim or mottled linen blend are in every season. The white shirt blouse is and remains a classic with button placket and shirt collar, which can be combined in many ways. A woman is always well dressed in this. Narrow, dark trousers or blue jeans and pumps. This completes the business look. The icing on the cake is a scarf or cloth in a matching colour. The collection at Esprit ranges from tailored business blouses, over striped blouses to playful variants with spots.

Find your new favourite blouse

Blouses can be so versatile and there are many things to consider when choosing your favourite new item. Here are the key points in brief:

  • The Fit – tunic, blouse shirt, blouse top or shirt blouse
  • Material – Cotton, viscose, synthetic or silk
  • Cut – round, V-shaped or with buttons
  • Collar – stand-up collar, Kent collar or button-down collar
  • Colour – solid, colourful or patterned (checkered, striped, print)

The sleeves of the women's blouse also play an important role. Whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved, there is enough room for ruffles and flounces at this point, too. 

The perfect women’s blouse for every occasion

Beautiful, modern and feminine at the same time – hardly any garment is so versatile and yet so simple. And the best thing about a woman’s blouse from Esprit? You can just wear it to everywhere and look gorgeous in it. However, there are some things to keep in mind, especially in the office, so you do not make fashionable faux pas.

Business tip: blouses for the office

Blouses are an integral part of office fashion, but not every variant is suitable for the office. For a professional appearance at the next meeting, you should therefore note the following points:

  • Monochrome women's blouses in subtle colours such as white or light blue are preferable to models with eye-catching patterns
  • Choose high quality fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin or tencel
  • Do not show too much of your cleavage and opt for a subtle V-neck or round neck

Complete your office outfit with a longer skirt (should cover at least half of the thighs) or an elegant pair of pants, as well as high heels or ballerinas.

Blouse tops for party nights

For evening wear and party styles, you can have proper shininess and sparkle. Especially chic is flowing fabrics and feminine cuts. Here you can also show a little more skin and emphasize your figure skillfully, for example by choosing tight-fitting blouse tops. Valance sleeves and lace details are allowed for this look, as well as it may be coloured. Magical patterns and shimmering colour gradients bring a radiant light into the night. Combine your blouse with straight jeans and you'll have a gorgeous outfit in an instant.

Leisure outfits with blouses from Esprit

The everyday need not be commonplace, just the opposite. Even when shopping with the girls, you can show your best side. Whether stylish with a crepe blouse and chino or a shirt blouse with leggings – make the road to your catwalk. For a casual beach look you best choose a loose-fitting blouse top with knot detail. For even more lightness we recommend a white blouse with hole embroidery.

A knot or a bow: the tie-neck blouse

Chic and feminine and perfect with plain trousers. Knotted or bound, it adds sophistication to your outfit. Tie-neck blouses are noble companions on many occasions. They are available patterned, plain or with structure. An essential for classic women.

The ruffled collar blouse

Do you love romantic outfits? Then a frilly collar blouse is just right for you. The feminine touch fits perfectly for a feminine appearance. Fine tucks and delicate colours are real eye-catchers and emphasize your type. You should be reserved with jewellery. Small earrings or rings are the perfect match. Matching fashion jewellery can be found at the accessories in the Esprit Online Shop.

Washing machine, dryer or ironing? What is the best way to care for my blouse?

Blouses need to be handled gently. Often they are made of delicate materials. The fabrics cannot tolerate heat or friction. They shrink, dissolve or get extremely crumpled. How do I know how to take care of my blouse?

  • The indicated material is important. Cotton is often used. It is easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Washable at 30 degrees.
  • Trust the recommendation on the wash label. Here you can find all information about temperature, drying advice or ironing.
  • Wash white blouses with other white blouses. It is recommended using a heavy duty detergent. Avoid using fabric softener.
  • The percentage of polyester says a lot about its crease-resistance. The higher this is, the fewer wrinkles there are. However, the material is not breathable like cotton. Here no softener may be used.
  • Silk should only be washed lukewarm by hand.
  • For drying you should take the blouses directly from the washing drum. Then shake them and gently smooth into shape. Dry on a clothes-hanger.
  • Gray haze on white tops is removed with baking soda, eggshells or vinegar. Just put small amounts of it in the wash, that does wonders.

Esprit women’s blouses – your quality standard is our mission

Esprit has been producing clothing for fashion-conscious people for 51 years. Our customers appreciate the excellent quality and longevity of our products. The high-quality products at affordable prices are in casual cut. We offer sustainable Collections made of fair organic cotton and recyclable fabrics. We strive to keep our social and environmental footprint as small as possible.

Esprit is represented all over the world and sends fashion carbon neutral in over 40 countries. Just order on invoice and receive the new favourite pieces after a short time. Your feedback is always welcome.

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